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At TBD we believe your brand is one of your strongest assets. It can motivate consumers, empower actions, influence purchasing decisions, attract new talent and inspire change.

Let’s strip it back. Customers have needs and wants. Brands have to fulfill those. And the two have to connect.
Sounds like a fairly straightforward interaction, but understanding your consumers and creating a distinct, relevant,
unique and motivating proposition to stand out in a fluid and competitive marketplace requires thought.

Connecting the brand with the needs and wants of its audience, and creating an experience is the competitive difference.

At TBD, it’s ALL about the experience.

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Did you know that visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text?



Get in touch +44 (0) 1491 411 766 / info@tbdgroup.co.uk

The best brands marry intelligence and insight with imagination and craft



Over time, brands will go through peaks of popularity, achieving best-ever sales figures, relevance and stand out – all down to a combination of offering, brand, positioning, messaging, communication, presence, relevance and (sometimes) luck.

There will however, be other times when brands will be challenged by new competitors, ignored in favour of other brands, become outdated, miss the message and struggle to stand out. At this point we can step in to re-invigorate the brand – maximising relevance and cut through.


We’ve helped many clients at times of transition to help them take their brand to the next level and reposition themselves to continue on to the next upward curve. From start-ups who have needed to review their identity and positioning to be taken more seriously, to established brands in crowded categories looking to establish themselves as the default consumer choice.


We bring first-hand experience from different businesses, brands and markets – a flexible team that drives engagement and delivers growth.



Get in touch +44 (0) 1491 411 766 / info@tbdgroup.co.uk


Brands are intangible assets and account for, on average 75% of the value of the company

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It’s all about Experience

We are an independent, highly knowledgeable brand consultancy, with broad experience in business development. We provide practical, hands-on support to help you plan, manage and create your strategic plans for maximum impact.


  • simon

    Simon Haynes

    Founder & Creative Director

    Simon Haynes has spent 15 years in international brand-focussed environments, leading teams both in-house and in his own agency. This background, coupled with an extensive knowledge of all things digital gives him an invaluable insight into developing brand experiences with a difference.

  • becks

    Becky Fone

    Innovation & Design

    Becky Fone is a highly experienced design client services director with 22 years agency and client side experience in International FMCG brands. Strategy, innovation  and direction at a senior level plus a huge desire to create successful and memorable branding.

  • sarah2

    Sarah Haynes

    Strategy & Communications

    Sarah Haynes has over 15 years experience in branding, marketing, PR and events for clients ranging from premium spirit brands to global financial services businesses. Ensuring the brand message thread is consistent throughout all comms is a key focus.

  • simons

    Simon Sholl

    Planning & Innovation

    Simon Sholl has been involved in Brand Strategy for most of his working life with some of the biggest global brands. He has designed many brand-development workshops and strategies with some of Britain’s best-known brand agencies, including Landor, Holmes & Marchant and Dragon Rouge.


Get in touch +44 (0) 1491 411 766 / info@tbdgroup.co.uk

Strategic mix

As an independent brand agency, we apply our expertise across a range of commercial scenes and sectors; large and small; new and old.

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As consumers we’re exposed to over 3,000 messages per day… we keep this close to mind when designing in this environment. Cut through and meaning is king – we design experiences that converts browsers into buyers…


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