The relaunch of TBD – 10 years on

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Every day we help our clients to effectively communicate their business, products, services, values, proposition through their brand. Visually, virtually and experientially.

It was fitting then, as we celebrated our 10th year, that we evaluated our own business and brand to ensure that we were communicating our own offering effectively and accurately through all mediums.

In 10 years, a lot changes. Any brand has to change, adapt, evolve and progress to differentiate from its competitive set and to maximise the market opportunity.

In the last 4 years of trading conditions, most businesses have experienced some difficulty and have had to develop their differentiator to survive – whether this is through tactical marketing activities, pricing strategies, repositioning, service mix or audience profile.

However with the recession receding and more positive conditions coming back in to play, now is the time to adapt and change once again but as ever with learnings.

So why have we changed? How have we changed? What’s new at TBD?

A recession can be a good time for a business to reflect and focus. What’s important? What are we offering? Is it relevant? Does the market demand it? A recession forces businesses to become more need-led and deliver what the customer/client/consumer wants and needs and this base-need is a great foundation to build a business from.

We found that the following were high up on the client need list:
Relationships –

consistent relationships with people who understand their business and can offer strategic consultancy, without necessarily needing a budget for it…

Team skills –

being able offer the right combination of team skills in such a diverse market. With marketing teams sometimes getting smaller, managing multiple agencies isn’t always an option. How can clients get full-service without paying full-service agency prices with all the overheads?

We made a conscious decision to structure our business in a way that will give clients optimal return and effectiveness for their money. Our core team is small, but knowledgeable and experienced. Our extensive network is made up of specialists and experts from key disciplines. We call upon this broader team to deliver your project, all carefully crafted, managed and controlled by our team. Essentially giving you access to a talent pool bigger than any single agency. And because we use experts for specific projects, you always get who you want, not who has capacity.

It’s a model that clients are very receptive to and going in to our 10th year, we’re more client-focussed than ever before.

And yes – the business is a little older and wiser for it.



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April 8, 2014

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