Over time, brands will go through peaks of popularity, achieving best-ever sales figures, relevance and stand out – all down to a combination of offering, brand, positioning, messaging, communication, presence, relevance and (sometimes) luck.

There will however, be other times when brands will be challenged by new competitors, ignored in favour of other brands, become outdated, miss the message and struggle to stand out. At this point we can step in to re-invigorate the brand – maximising relevance and cut through.

We’ve helped many clients at times of transition to help them take their brand to the next level and reposition themselves to continue on to the next upward curve. From start-ups who have needed to review their identity and positioning to be taken more seriously, to established brands in crowded categories looking to establish themselves as the default consumer choice.

We bring first-hand experience from different businesses, brands and markets – a flexible team that drives engagement and delivers growth.


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