Kitchen CUT – 2 yrs post launch . . .

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250+ active business members
from 24 countries worldwide.

As we came to the end of Q1 in year 3 for Kitchen CUT we began to look back and take stock. What have we achieved, what we have learnt and where are we heading.

Mass global growth is a real opportunity for Kitchen CUT because of our leading digital development programme

remarks Co-Founder Simon Haynes.

Commercially, Kitchen CUT, is at a very, very exciting stage. By understanding the market demands from chefs and food and beverage teams for a digital recipe management, costing and analysis tool, and coupling that with a streamlined and intuitive interface puts us ahead of the competition every time.

Global groups are continuing to enquire about this market-leading product, hypothesising what can be achieved by creating a process and a structure within the business that has the potential to improve food costs – effectively adding straight to the bottom line. When used, the system can add real business value and deliver actual commercial gain. No more spreadsheets, no more human error, and no more paper…

As a business we are still only skimming the water when it comes to our future ideas for the product. With the re-release of the new marketing site – – we aimed to take one step closer in becoming a key global player in the recipe costing and price monitoring space.

Need help to control costs in your kitchen? Take a look at Kitchen CUT – it’s proven technology cuts food cost by up to 5% annually.


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June 11, 2014

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