Marketing Strategies for alcohol brands

Marketing strategies for alcohol brands

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What does the future hold for alcohol brands?

Here’s our take on how alcohol brands may have to adapt in the future…

When legislation changes hit…

Legislation changes can have a big impact on an industry – from how products are packaged, sold, communicated and ultimately consumed. The tobacco industry is an example of how dramatically brands may have to adapt their branding, advertising, digital and marketing strategies when legislation changes come in to play.

Based on this, we recently developed an insights piece to showcase our understanding of the adult beverages market by looking at the what the future of alcohol marketing could look like and the opportunities / limitations it may represent for brands and how they could capitalise on the situation.

The future of marketing strategies for alcohol brands…

We’ve already seen restrictions placed on alcohol advertising, but how far could this go? If restrictions continue to be enforced and ATL advertising activity is banned, this not only means brands need to be smarter about how they market themselves, but it also opens up a more level playing field for smaller, challenger brands who don’t have the budgets the big brands do. Suddenly ‘brand spend’ is no longer the main awareness drive, but creating cut-through to the target audience remains critical and even more challenging.

Based on this scenario, there are a number of marketing strategies for alcohol brands to adopt, in order to gain market share and to build brand loyalty through some non-traditional routes.

Click here to read our ‘news from the future’ on what the future of alcohol branding, packaging and marketing could look like…

If you’re interested in talking to us about what marketing strategies to adopt to promote your alcohol brand creatively, impactfully and cost effectively, get in touch today. Email us with your marketing challenges and we’ll get back to you.

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