New brand strategy for BERTHA

TBD develops brand strategy, marketing strategy and digital strategy for BERTHA

Opportunity to differentiate

BERTHA Ovens, manufacturers of charcoal ovens for the hospitality industry, is a young and dynamic business in a well-established industry and category. They are not only competing against other charcoal oven manufacturers, but also with other pieces of kitchen equipment, where commercial kitchens can be quite small and floor space is at a premium.

However BERTHA has the advantage of being very different in terms of its look, size and performance. The flavour profile you create from cooking on a BERTHA is like nothing else on the market, and it is already receiving rave reviews from leading industry names such as Tom Aikens.

Beginnings of a new brand strategy

Initially engaged to help support the brand at Hotelympia, it quickly became apparent just how much value TBD could bring to the brand – providing strategic input on how to support the brand’s global expansion plans.

BERTHA brand strategy

TBD immediately identified an opportunity to help the business grow in this critical stage, and undertook the following initiatives:

  1. Brand strategy: To develop a consistent and identifiable brand – with clear stand out from any competitors
  2.  Marketing strategy: To outline a strategy to increase awareness, brand recognition and understanding via ongoing engagement and comms
  3. Digital strategy: to drive online presence, global awareness and customer engagement through a variety of online channels

As is typical of any challenger brand, spending the marketing budget creatively to help achieve maximum reach and engagement is critical for brands during growth stage.

BERTHA brand strategy

Platform for global growth

TBD began by distilling down the existing brand. Conducting an extensive brand audit, reviewing the positioning, messaging, identity, tone of voice – as well as understanding the broader competitive set and carving out the space for opportunity to stand out.

TBD undertook a full rebrand exercise – to really uncover the personality behind BERTHA. This quite rugged bit of kit, goes against the grain. It’s not stainless steel like most pieces of kitchen equipment and not mass produced on a production line – it is moulded, shaped and hand built in Britain for total performance and durability.

All messaging was reviewed, consolidated and stylised to give BERTHA a distinct style and tone of voice. This was then integrated with custom created CGI imagery that added an extra dimension of stand out and uniqueness from anyone else in the market.

Bertha Range - Complete CGI render

TBD is now planning a full marketing and ongoing comms campaign to support the brand, engage with chefs, attract international distributors and firmly position itself as a must-have piece of kitchen kit which will deliver all the latest flavour trends.

The new brand and website has just launched and is already receiving great feedback. You can see the new website here:

Watch this space for some of the exciting developments with the BERTHA brand from TBD.

Why not get in touch to see what how we can help develop your brand strategy for growth?

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• October 13, 2014

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