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D2 Group – specialists in Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and general enforcement collection services to both public and private sectors.


6 April 2014 was a significant date for the commercial property industry – the common law right of distress had provided Landlords with a remedy against rent arrears since before the 13th century, however things changed considerably when the law of distress was replaced with new legislation – Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) – on this date.

As with any legislation updates, embracing the change and explaining the impact to your audience is a great way to engage with them, support their needs and build loyalty – and ultimately become the one they turn to when the legislation comes in to force.

This approach was one adopted by dbs – our client of four years. As one of the UK’s leading debt recovery services, specialising in supporting commercial property managers and landlords in the recovery of rent arrears, dbs was quick to identify that new legislation surrounding rent arrears collection was going to have a huge impact on the industry.

Any legislation change is usually complex and will demand a significant change in business operations in order to understand the implications and be fully compliant.

dbs fully embraced this opportunity to lead the way and set itself apart from the competition by giving its clients and prospective clients a very transparent understanding and explanation of these changes.

We have engaged TBD to assist in the development of our business interests across the UK. The team have found TBD’s input and experience in planning and managing projects an excellent and successful partnership with positive results.

Byron Crellin, CEO, D2 Group


For the last 4 years, TBD has managed the ongoing marketing communications for dbs and a large part of that programme over the last 2 years, has been preparing clients and prospective clients for the legislation change and outlining what sort of impact this may have.

This included creating an extensive online help and resource centre, covering expert articles, whitepapers and guides to help clients through the regulation changes. This was communicated to clients via an intense email marketing campaign, Linked in group discussions, events and speaker opportunities.

In preparation for this date, TBD completed an extensive brand audit, reviewing the positioning, messaging, identity, tone of voice – in line with the new direction for the business, extended service offerings, business objectives and client needs as a result of the legislation change.


Over the last 18 months, dbs has expanded with a handful of senior appointments, relocation to new offices and an increased service offering.

TBD undertook a full rebrand and renaming exercise – switching from dbs to the D2 Group, to truly reflect the size the business had become, portraying the experience, credibility and reputation within the industry.

TBD developed the core message proposition and distilled this into messages to sit on a new website. The full website redesign is clean and simple to navigate, with a members area for free access to the back catalogue of articles and guides.

The new brand and website launched on 6 April 2014, in preparation for the legislation switch over. Initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with clients contacting D2 Group for bespoke training seminars and increased rent collection instructions for the quarter.

More results to follow shortly.


• May 30, 2013

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