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Kitchen CUT is the market leading, cloud based recipe costing tool that is taking the industry by storm.

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Historically, one of the biggest challenges faced by chefs, restaurant owners and hotel managers has been the lack of training beyond culinary skills that exists in this industry. Chefs escalate up through the ranks in brigades very quickly and suddenly find themselves in senior positions without the necessary commercial skills to successfully manage their kitchens – both financially and operationally. The skill gap that is often present puts huge pressure on chefs to learn new skills quickly and on the job. This formed the basis in which Kitchen CUT was developed – to create a platform where chefs could easily manage their food costs, store their recipes and menus, and also have a place to access consultancy topics and advice on a range of issues facing any chef in the kitchen.

The team’s extensive knowledge of the industry and how chefs works really shows through in this fantastic website that’s geared directly at working chefs who take a hands on approach to kitchen management. I believe it’s a vital tool to helping chefs structure and run their kitchen.

Tom Kerridge, Hand & Flowers


Working in partnership with Michelin starred chef John Wood, TBD helped to shape the overall concept of the business – taking what was a very focused and unique idea for automated recipe calculation into a much larger online commercial application.

Starting back in 2011, conversations were had, brainstorming , and development took place.  years of development and testing, Kitchen CUT allows chefs of all levels create, cost and store their recipes and menus online. Ongoing ingredient price updates allows chefs to track and manage their food cost effectively, ultimately driving food cost down and raising overall gross profits.

Added consultancy tools and template downloads provide hospitality professionals with everything they need to run a modern day kitchen.


The business launched in 2012 and quickly positioned itself apart from any competition. Accuracy, reliability and sophistication has always led  Year 2 saw a big increase in site traffic with the launch of Version 2, increasing to 202%. Overall awareness within the industry has grown significantly with daily sign ups occurring from all over the world. Key clients include: The Doyle Collection, Whiting & Hammond, Mercure, JMF and Goodwood to name a few.

• June 29, 2013

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