Our work is varied; cross market, cross sector, cross border – that is what makes every situation unique, challenging and ultimately engaging for all at TBD.

The team at TBD work on a number of different projects throughout the year. Some long term strategic, some short term tactical. We offer a range of services to our clients, often starting at the very beginning of a concept, shaping the business, assessing market viability and defining the ever important ‘white space’ opportunity. As you can expect then we have two layers of projects, some which come to a conclusion relatively quickly and some that continue to evolve, develop and grow into more mature businesses… but both equally deserve to be featured.

 Kitchen CUT – from concept to global success


Kitchen CUT is an online Food & Beverage Management tool that helps to optimise busy commercial kitchen operations. The system delivers the maximisation of PROFITS, by up to 5%, whilst reducing levels of day-to-day administration and manual tasks for staff. Hotel Groups, Restaurants, Cruise liners, Casino’s, Food manufacturers alike are all benefiting by saving up to 5% on Food Cost, 3% on beverage cost, 50% on wastage, 50% on breakages and 50% in admin.

The development of Kitchen CUT begun back in 2011 and now in 2015 are proud to boast that Kitchen CUT is helping to improve businesses in over 50 countries worldwide.

A short preview video is below along with some featured visuals.

Kitchen CUT – Group Network from Kitchen CUT on Vimeo.


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