What does Responsive Design mean?

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What is responsive design?

Ever wondered what Responsive Design is? Or what can it do for your business? Do you need to consider it? In short, yes…

In today’s world everyone needs to take hold of responsive design. Many people wrongly assume that the internet is mostly consumed using desktop computers. However, in 2011 mobile browsing took a share of about 11% and last year it was nearly 25%. The share of internet usage on mobiles devices, smart phones and tablets is growing every day and this year it is set to actually overtake the traditional desktop browsing.

As mobile browsing overtakes desktop internet usage, customers are also becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the online shopping experience. Match that with overwhelming choice and busy lives, and a poor online brand experience can mean the difference between a sale or no sale, as customers will switch to the site that makes it easiest for them to get what they want, when they want.

So what is responsive design? Responsive websites respond to the size of the screen you’re vieweing it on. Rather than creating different websites for different devices, responsive website design rearranges the elements to fit any screen – meaning happy visitors and happy customers.

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